There’s a new man in Castiel’s life.

He’s five months old, orange and white, and the most possessive thing Dean has ever met, not counting himself.

Dean can’t believe that, after everything he and Castiel have been through together, he ends up sharing Castiel with a cat.

Not that the cat wants to share.

When Dean sits down on the couch with Cas, his arm around Castiel’s shoulder, ready for an evening with just the two of them, the kitten inevitably jumps up into Cas’s lap and lies there all evening, purring so loudly Dean can hardly hear the TV. He can’t even think of kissing Castiel because then the kitten wakes up and mews till Castiel is distracted.

Dean knows the kitten views him as a rival for Castiel’s affections. It wages all-out war on Dean, hiding behind doors and running out to attack his toes when Dean walks by. It jumps at him from the top of bookcases or, one memorable time, from the top of the fridge. Dean’s pretty sure that if the kitten had its way, Dean wouldn’t be allowed to get into his own bed.

It’s not as if Dean even can get away from it at bedtime. He tried putting the kitten out in the hallway and shutting the bedroom door, but Castiel couldn’t sleep, tossing and turning, worrying about what the kitten would be doing, worrying that he’d be lonely.

Now the kitten sleeps on Castiel’s pillow, tangled in his hair.

Dean wants to feel aggrieved. He wants to be angry with the kitten, but he can’t be. Castiel loves it so much and Dean loves seeing Castiel happy.

He hopes that the kitten will work out eventually that they’re both on the same side.

Both Dean and the kitten just want Castiel to know how much they adore him. 

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